GMDX Group
Scotland's DX Association
January Activity Challenge

Scores on 17 January 2020

 1GM0GAV 141
 2GM3YTS 122
 3G5LP 118
 4GM1DSK 108
 55B4AHJ 108
 6EA5S 93
 7M0NKR 92 *
 8MM0ZBH 85
 9GM3YOR 74
 10G4PVM 72
 11GM0LVI 66
 12GM4ATA 63
 132M1DWK 61
 14GM4FDM 49
 15GM4KGK 42
 16MM0DXH 40 *
 17GM1J 29 *
 18GM0UKZ 26
 19GM4EMX 21
 20GM4UYZ 15

* indicates new entrant

I know this is the first venture in having a challenge, but I am quite disappointed that we have so few GMs in our first submission.   I am hoping some of the big DXers are keeping their powder dry till later in the month.  It is good to see a wide range of callsigns including some from our overseas members....sorry Paul....   I appreciate the southern Europeans may have a propagation advantage, but Gavin proves it can be done.   I was asked about Digital Modes, but am of the opinion FT4/8 would prove troublesome as some of our more competitive members could just leave it on "cherry picking" for the whole month and reduce the challenge to a farce.

So please update or make a submission again next sunday and we look forward to receiving new logs.   Just a country total and a list of new prefixes for those who have already submitted, and a total and list of all prefixes worked for new submissions please, by tea time on Sunday to Tom – GM4FDM


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