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One of GMDX's primary activities is the support of appropriate DXpeditions.
The number of requests far exceeds the funds available, so some criteria are required on which decisions to provide support donations are made.


Funding Criteria

The GMDX Committee will consider the following when sponsorship is requested:
  1. The proposed expedition must be high in the European most wanted lists.

  2. QSO target should be in excess of 50,000.

  3. A GMDX Group Application for Expedition Funding must be completed and submitted prior to the expedition.

  4. IOTA only expeditions will not be considered.

  5. Members of the expedition team are expected to provide their own transport costs by public transport to the nearest point of embarkation to the expedition location.

  6. GMDX Group Members may be afforded special status in applicatiion, one or more of the above criteria may be relaxed based on a decision by the club committee.

Terms and Conditions

The DXpedition agrees to:
  1. Should the expedition NOT take place the money shall be refunded in whole or in part.
  2. The GMDX Group web link and LOGO will be published on the Expedition Web Page.
  3. The Expedition will provide the GMDX Group with an article in English including sufficient photographs, for publication in the magazine The GMDX Digest within 60 days of the conclusion of the expedition.
  4. The GMDX Logo should appear on the expedition QSL Card.
  5. The expedition must be prepared to QSL via the buro, where such a bureaux exists.
  6. The expedition MUST upload their log to The Logbook of The World (LOTW) within 3 months of the conclusion of the expedition. Partial uploads to LOTW are discouraged No charge shall be levied for LOTW uploads or sending bureaux QSLs
  7. The expedition MUST support the DX Code of Conduct and state this clearly in their web page.
  8. We discourage  charges in excess of $5 for direct QSLs . Voluntary donation requests are acceptable but must be identified as such.

Where Dxpeditions are undertaken by those GMDX recognises as having significant previous experience, agreed donations will be paid in advance of the event. For all others, donations will be paid after the event, subject to successful completion.

If you would like to apply please fill in DXpedition support application

If you have any questions please contact GM3YTS

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