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Worked All Scottish Prefixes

Open to all radio amateurs and SWLs, this award is for confirmed / heard contacts with amateur radio stations located in Scotland.

Each Scottish prefix may be worked on CW, phone and digital modes for each band. This gives a maximum of 3 contacts per band-prefix combination. Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards can be claimed.


The Scottish Prefix Award is available to all radio amateurs and shortwave listeners for confirmed/heard contacts with radio amateur stations located in Scotland.  Each prefix may be worked in CW, phone and digital modes on each band, giving a possible of three per band.


The Basic award requires a total of              25 prefixes


The Bronze award a total of                        50 prefixes


The Silver award a total of                          75 prefixes


The Gold award a total of                          100 prefixes





Only contacts after 1st January 2000 will count for the award.


Acceptable prefixes:


GM0, 1, 2, etc                        GS0, 1, 2, etc

MM0, 1, 2, etc                        MS0, 1, 2, etc

2M0, 1, 2, etc

GB0, 1, 2, etc for special event stations located in Scotland (QSL card required for proof of location)

GZ0, 1, 2, etc for contest operations from Shetland Islands

Ambiguous callsigns such as GM/F5NED counts as GM0

                                    and  MM/W5ZE/P counts as MM0


A list of log entries certified by two other radio amateurs under the general certification rule along with completed claim sheets to be submitted for each award.


The cost of each award is £5, 10€ or US$10. Please make cheques out to “GMDX Group”- only £GBP cheques are acceptable.


Further details and all applications to:

Drew Givens, GM3YOR, 5 Langhouse Place, Inverkip, PA16 0EW, Scotland, U.K. Drew's email is on the contacts page.

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