GMDX Group
Scotland's DX Association

While construction used to be the hallmark of the radio amateur, today much equipment is purchased as "plug and play" kit. Here's some of those dealers.

Nevada Radio - Amateur Radio Dealer

Martin Lynch and sons - Amateur Radio Dealer

Waters and Stanton - Amateur Radio Dealer

Moonraker - manufacturers of antennas

MW0JZE - hex beam makers

CUG Mast Solutions - Scottish manufacturer of masts & antennas

Titanex - German antenna manufacturers

Tennamast - Scottish manufacturer of masts and more.

G-Whip manufacturers of mobile and base antennas

OM Power - Linear amplifiers from Slovakia

Wimo - German radio and antenna dealer

BHI -  U.K. Manufacturer of Noise Cancelling Products

Practical Wireless - U.K. Amateur Radio Magazine

Innovantennas - U.K. Antenna manufacturer

Yaesu - major amateur radio manufacturer

Kenwood - major amateur radio manufacturer

Icom - major amateur radio manufacturer


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