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Coaxial cable and Feeding a log periodic antenna.

  • 18 Oct 2014 12:44
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    I use an 8 el log periodic antenna, this is currently fed with RG213 coaxial cable and has been for the past 5 years or so, I am thinking of renewing the coaxial cable and am looking for suggestions as to what to use, do I stick with RG213 or use some other type. The cable run is no more than 30m in total and I run an Acomm 1010 amplifier, also does anyone have any experience of feeding a log periodic antenna, presently I run the coax along the boom and use a choke balun to connect to the antenna. Depending on what you read, I have seen it stated that the coax should run a couple of feet below the boom and terminate in a 4:1 balun and then connect to the antenna.........advice please. Rodger/GM3JOB
  • 26 Nov 2015 15:07
    Reply # 3661690 on 3126633

    HI Rodger,

    when I had my homebrew one 10 ele  I fed it from the end with a 4:1 ferrite baluan hameade as well.

    I took it down fully working I still would like to reserect it but I have a quad bits I picked up , but now I don't think a quad would survive our winters

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