GMDX Group
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Convention 2018

12 photo(s) Updated on: 22 Mar 2019
  • Don G3XTT shows his GM-DX Quaich to Nick G3RWF.
  • Phil GJ4CBQ, Willie GM4ZNC, Jan MJ3CBQ and Iris.
  • Dave EI9FBB and Pat EI5IX.
  • Paul G4PVM, Nick G3RWF, Chris GM3WOJ, Aileen and Jim GM0NAI.
  • Nadine MM0WNW, Ian GM3SEK, Martin GM8IEM and Aileen.
  • GM-DX Speakers Lasse SM5GLC, Nigel G3TXF, Hawk SM5AQD, Chris GM3WOJ and Don G3XTT collect their GM-DX Mugs.
  • Colin G3PSM, Don G3XTT and Tom GM4FDM.
  • Neil G0JHC, Rob GM3YTS, Ian G4IIY and Chris G3SVL during the tea-break at the 2018 GM-DX Convention.
  • There was a wine-bottle/DXCC raffle at GM-DX 2018.
  • Paul G4PVM at the GM-DX DXCC Desk.
  • Gavin GM0GAV, Chris GM3WOJ + cake.
  • Rob GM3YTS: GM-DX 25th Birthday cake.
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