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Summer VHF Activity Challenge 2024

Here are the results of the GMDX Summer VHF Activity Challenge after the 2nd period.  

Gordon MM0GOR is in the lead with 394 total. Can anyone catch him?  2nd and 3rd place is much closer with Martin GM8IEM and Ryan G8OLA 140 and 136 respectively.

From my very limited operations starting 31/5/24, 6m seems to have been open every day with sporadic E to EU at least. On the 1st June, there was a nice opening into USA and Canada and I caught a short opening to the Caribbean with J88IH worked for a new DXCC. I worked 7Q7JN on 8th June 17:55 for a new one on 6m and I then worked 7Q6M 3 minutes later. Both strong signals.

4m doesn’t appear to have opened much at all looking at the results.

The next submission date is 18:00 on Sunday 23th June with the final QSO’s allowed at 23:59 on 30th June.  So there is plenty time to get on the air and make some QSO’s.


Fingers crossed for great conditions for the rest of the challenge period. 



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