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Winter Activity Challenge 2024

GMDX WINTER CHALLENGE 2024:   CW, SSB and Digi modes

The GMDX Winter challenge will take place during the month of February. The Challenge now comprises a single event with all modes accepted. SSB, CW and Digital Modes on any band will count towards the DXCC total. League tables for All Mode, SSB, CW & Digital will be produced weekly. GMDX will provide prizes for each Mode leader and the overall All Mode leader.

  • The Winter Challenge will start at 0000z on 1 February 2024 and end at 0000z on 01 March 2024.
  • You may use all bands for which you are licensed.
  • You may use SSB, AM or FM towards your SSB Total.
  • Only countries on the current DXCC list will count.
  • GMDX members are expected not to set FT8 up in automated robot mode. You are trusted to operate your station.
  • You can work a country on multiple modes but it will only count once towards the Country Total All Mode.

In the event of a draw, the modes total will be used as a tiebreaker. In all disagreements the GMDX judges decision will be final.

You may use different callsigns ie home call, contest call, club call. These count as a separate entry for each call and are not combined.

Submit your cumulative total by 1800 each Sunday, we will publish the tables on the Monday. Final submission 2000 on 1st March

Please be aware, leading stations are expected to post their scores weekly. If a winning score is posted on the final week and the op has never made a previous entry, it will not be included in the results or win a prize.

Submit your totals using the form below  (if you dont work a mode just enter 0)                  

For the purposes of a Digest article, please email a report after your final submission with your experiences, station description and ideally a picture to

Good luck and 73

Gordon MM0GPZ

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