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This year the challenge will be in two parts. Feel free to work only one part or both,  GMDX will provide prizes to both.

The CW Challenge will start at 0001z on 1 December 2021 and end at 2359 on 31 December

The PHONE Challenge will start at 0001z on 1 January 2022 and end at 2359 on 31 January

  • You may use all bands for which you are licensed from 1.8 - 146Mhz

  • You may use any voice modulation eg SSB, AM or FM

  • Only countries on the current DXCC list will count

  • Countries count separate on CW and PHONE (ie you can work G on both modes)

  • Tables will be based on total of different DXCC Countries worked

  • Your entry should include countries worked on each band and a total number worked.

  • Your entry should be emailed to by 9p.m. local each Sunday

  • Please do not send log extracts – they will not be included in my tables

  • Entries should ONLY be in the form

  • 160 – 0, 80 –4, 40 – 7, 30 – 9....................Total 55 and so on.

  • You may use different callsigns that apply to YOU ie home call, contest call, etc using a separate entry for each call

  • Digi modes are not permitted. Its too easy to set up cherry picking and leave your station running.

  • In all disagreements the judges decision will be final (that’s me!)

For the purposes of a Digest article it might be of interest to include details of your station especially antennas.

73 Tom


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