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Summer VHF Activity Challenge 2023

GMDX SUMMER CHALLENGE 2023:       6m & 4m       CW, SSB and Digital Modes

The GMDX Summer Challenge will take place between 00:00 on 19th June until 2359 on 23rd July.

The Summer Challenge is a single event using CW, SSB or Digital Modes on both 4m and 6m. GMDX members are expected not to set up FT8  in automated robot mode. You are trusted to operate your station manually.

The overall winner will have worked the most 4 digit maidenhead locator squares (eg IO75) on 4m and 6m to give the highest combined score. DXCC Countries are not counted, only locator squares.  In order to have the leading score, it is expected operators would have to make contacts on both 4m and 6m using all modes as necessary.

All GMDX members worldwide are welcome to enter.

A league table will be produced weekly. GMDX will provide prizes to each mode leader and the overall leader.  

Acceptable voice modes. You may use SSB, AM or FM. 

Please note you can work the same locator on multiple modes on 4m but it will only count once. For example use 4m to work a station in IO72 on SSB, CW and FT8 but it will only count once towards the  4m locator total.  However you can work IO72 again on 6m for an additional locator square.

The results tables will be based on total of 4 digit maidenhead locators worked on 4m and 6m for each station.

Submit your cumulative total by 1800 each Sunday, we will publish the tables on the Monday. Final submission during Monday 24th July

Submit your totals using the form below  (if you dont work a band or mode just enter 0)      

Please note, operators are requested to send in their updated and current scores weekly.  Any operator sending in a winning score on the final week with no previous entries will not be included.
In the event of 2 or more operators having the same total number of locator squares, the station with the most mode slots will be the winner.

In all disagreements the GMDX judges decision will be final.

For the purposes of a Digest article. please include details of your station especially antennas and perhaps a note of a memorable contact to

Good luck and 73

Gordon MM0GPZ

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