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GMDX CW & SSB Contests

CW      29 / 30 April               2023         1200Z - 1200Z
SSB     30 Sept /  01 Oct       2023         1200Z - 1200Z

GMDX have teamed up with UKEICC to bring GM awards within existing UKEICC CW and SSB events. What does this mean?
  • Submit your Cabrillo logfile following the UKEICC log submission process, within  24 hours of the end of the contest
  • Adjudication takes place following the UKEICC adjudication principles
  • GMDX will publish GM specific results tables shortly after UKEICC publish full finalised results
  • A Quaich will be awarded to the Scottish entrant with the highest points score in each event, irrespective of entry category
  • A Quaich will be awarded to the Non Scottish entrant who makes the highest number of valid QSOs with Scottish stations in each event, irrespective of category 
  • A Quaich will be awarded to the station with the highest combined points score across the CW & SSB 2023 events

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